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Illustration Friday - Communication

I didn't do this especially for IF, but thought it would be
cute for this week's topic. I'm actually working on all that
is 'Howard' at the moment...

You can check out his space here! and remember kids,
Howard Loves You!

Illustration Friday - Gravity

Esther stared in disbelief at another failed cake.

So this week's topic was 'gravity' and floppy cakes came to mind. Why do they only turn out perfectly when you're not making them for someone else? ...one of life's mysteries I guess.


I've done these for an exhibition called 'Curvy' which is run by Yen Magazine. All work included is done by female graphic designers and illustrators. You can check out the launch at Semi-Permanent in Sydney on March 30 & 31st.
After spending the last two days in front of my computer screen I thought I'd get back to some good old sketching! This was done in graphite on cartridge... (Am just waiting on Johnny's next pose).

Illustration Friday - Crash

Johnny could crash out anywhere...
but his favourite place had to be the couch.

Sketch + Painter for Illustration Friday. This is my delightful little ratbag of a cat named Johnny, who does very little but always does it well. (and yes, he may have had something to do with the creation of 'Howard', and yes, I might be a little bit cat-obsessed at the moment!)

Howard Lives!

The real version of Howard the Cat! Howard's friends are on their way...

Howard the Cat

Howard's interests include sleeping, eating,
and bird watching.

You can find out more about Howard at www.myspace.com/howard_thecat